Eel is a healthy food especially rich in vitamin A, which is essential for the health of the eyes. It is also in the top class among seafood in terms of vitamin B1 content, and one can expect the beneficial effect of beautiful skin too. It is rich in DHA and EPA as well, and has effects in preventing cancer, heart disease, strokes and heart attacks!

At Sugatatsu, we handle our own fresh water farmed original brand of eel called “Saru Zamurai.” When broiling eel, the first step of grilling without seasoning is essential. The point is the exquisite amount of discretion in “not broiling, but cooking thoroughly to the core” with a hot charcoal fire.

Please savor the cooked eel’s softness and lightness as well as its taste, which is our pride and joy and the result of meticulousness right down to the combination of sauce.