Sugatatsu is a distributor of fresh seafood – caught overseas, and processed as frozen food. We have a wide and diverse base of clientele, including primary and secondary wholesalers, merchants, and supermarkets. Our products are directly supplied from overseas, and sold nationwide throughout Japan.

When all is said and done, our strength at Sugatatsu is our ability to provide a safe and stable supply of products. We also continue to acquire more distribution routes for securely moving our products from overseas to all regions of Japan.

Here, we introduce some testimonials from our vendors and suppliers about their experiences with Sugatatsu.

Leave it to Sugatatsu!

The salesman answered my questions in a very friendly manner. He really knew a lot about the latest market trends, and I could feel that he took his job as an importer seriously.

Squid? Think Sugatatsu.
Direct imports from overseas mean their stock is consistent.

They responded quickly, even to my last-minute order. A fast, reliable company.

I was able to customize my order to suit my needs. The customer service rep also left a good impression, so I think I’ll use them again.

As a company, stable supply is key. I’ll never leave Sugatatsu again!