Our Customers’ Want is our Motivation

The strength of Sugatatsu lies in our ability to trade and to propose ideas to bring products that our customers want. We are a company that makes a customer’s “I wish I had this kind of product” desire come to fruition in a dynamic way.

Not only do we just bring products that people want, but, on a daily basis, we are always looking to unearth products that might make our customers happy, and we are constantly thinking of new processes to create new trends in imports to Japan.

Currently, we are focused on imports of seafood, but the Sugatatsu policy is to always look for new products, not limited to only seafood. If you have any requests like, “I’m thinking of going into meat products, can you import those?” or “Do you have something like this?” for example, please reach out to us.

Additionally, Sugatatsu values close communication with customers very highly. We would like to provide sincere services all the time so that rather than think, “This seems difficult, so I’m not even going to ask,” you will say, “Let’s consult with Sugatatsu first.”

Please feel free to contact us for anything, no matter how small!

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